August at MSY!

I’ve been remiss in my blog writing recently. I was shocked to see I hadn’t posted since May 31st! But I’ve had my hands full. Yoga Teacher Training started on June 9th, and I kicked off a new round of Body Wisdom on July 18th with a totally revamped format. I’ve been putting my time management and organization skills to the test (with varying degrees of success), and I feel like I’m settling into a pretty good rhythm right now.

And you? How’s your summer going? I hope you’ve been enjoying some sunshine and some down time. And I hope that you’ve been taking advantage of all of the events we’ve had going on at the studio. Speaking of which . . .

Here’s what we have planned for August! 

As usual, we’re kicking things off with our monthly Relax and Recharge Open House. But this time, we have a new treatment for you to enjoy! We're adding the option for Jin Shin Jyutsu with Judy! Jin Shin Jyutsu is the art of harmonizing the energy of the body through gentle touch. With an understanding of the body's twelve organs and the many points where the body's energy can accumulate, gentle touch can stimulate the energy flow. By clearing blockages, the body will begin to heal itself. Of course, we will also offer options to recharge with a Reiki session, relax while enjoying an AromaTouch Hand Technique, and gain insight with a Tarot reading. Walk in between 5:00pm-7:00pm and bring a friend! This Open House is donation based.

To keep the good vibes going, join Paula Hatten, Board Certified Counselor, for I Am Fabulous on August 10th. Paula will teach you how to use essential oils to release blocked emotions and start living your best life. She will guide you through a series of essential oil applications to help you release trapped emotions make room for amazing life experiences. You will get to choose from a custom rollerball, Release Your Fears or Bye Bye Baggage, to go home with and continue you emotional journey.

For more relaxing and recharging, Sharon Hovland is back on August 16th for a Singing Bowls Sound Bath. Experience the interweaving tones and rich harmonics produced by the Tibetan singing bowls. The vibration of the bowls creates a beautiful calming sound, assisting you in relaxation. After arising, if you would like to ground yourself, you can stand in Sharon's large bowl as she plays and experience a sound bath all your own! If you have a yoga mat, please bring it with you along with anything else you may need to make yourself comfortable. $20 for adults, one child 12 or under free with adult.

Jen Sunderlin will be in full swing on August 17th! She’s offering both a reiki refresher class and a mala workshop.

Refresh and revive your Reiki practice with this interactive class! We will take a fresh look at the symbols appropriate to your level, discuss personal energy management, go through a practice together, and more! Bring questions and experiences you’d like to discuss! Our frequencies and vibrations are shifting! So Reiki is needed at this time more than ever for ourselves and for others! Join other Reiki practitioners to gain confidence in your practice and assist with these changes! Contact Jen with any questions!

In the mala workshop, you’ll create a Mala that is uniquely you! We will also discuss mantras, affirmations, and experience essential oils for meditation! These tools are very helpful (and fun!) to utilize in beginning a meditation practice and can assist in creating a new dynamic to your existing practice! In addition to your mala, you’ll receive an informational packet to take home with you! Materials will be provided by HILOS, supporting local artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico.

On August 18th, Stacey Fox is bring us “Accessible Arm Balances.” If anyone can make arm balances accessible and fun while making you feel like a badass, it's Stacey. If you know her, you know she can rock everything from crow to grasshopper to flying pigeon. What you might not know is that having completed "Yoga For All" training, Stacey knows how to make arm balances a reality for anyone, even beginners who never imagined they could experience the thrill of these beautiful and exciting yoga poses. This workshop is for everyone from beginners who want to expand their practice to experienced arm balancers who want to refine their skills. Space is limited. There are only two spots left, so register today!

Speaking of accessible . . . If you’ve been wondering how amazing it would be to be able to access Reiki energy any time you want, then you won’t want to miss Jen’s Illuminated Reiki 1 Training. Training will focus on Self-Reiki. You will learn hand placements, personal energy management, about the chakras, receive the Reiki attunement, an informational guide, and more! Reiki is a safe and effective energy modality that is beneficial and accessible to everyone. Reiki re-balances the energy field that exists around and within our bodies. Open your energy channels allowing universal energy to flow more deeply and freely through you. There are many shifts occurring in our energy field, and becoming attuned to and practicing Reiki can assist you to receive and balance energy with grace and ease. Email Jen with any questions:

Finally, we have a couple of schedule changes. First, the bad news. The Wednesday “Morning Flow” class will end on July 31st. The Friday morning class will continue. Next, the good news, “30 Minute Refresh” will be back on the schedule on September 3rd. It will continue every Tuesday.

That’s it for now! I’m setting an intention to be more regular with my blog posts. Let me know what subjects you’d like me to write about.

See you at the studio!