What Do You Want for Yourself This Year?

It’s an exciting time for Main Street Yoga. I have big plans for this year. In November, I upleveled my yoga teacher status to E-RYT 200. That means that I can now provide continuing education to other yoga teachers at the 200-hour level AND that I can train people to become teachers at the 200 hour level. So three of my goals for this year are:

·      Continue my own education toward the 500-hour level,

·      Offer at least 3 continuing education workshops to existing yoga teachers, and

·      Establish Main Street Yoga as a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance.

I’m well on my way. I’ve already submitted a syllabus and the application fee. As a bonus, I know that these efforts will help me improve my own teaching skills.

I have personal goals as well. I just turned 50, and one of my goals is to not just maintain my good health, but to improve it even further by refining my diet more, improving my morning and evening routines, varying my yoga and other workouts more, and further reducing my stress levels by practicing better self care, including meditation. Fortunately, I have the tools for that as well. In my Body Wisdom course, I am constantly learning, applying and refining along WITH my course members.  

Have you set goals for the new year? I often hear people say: “I don’t set goals”. When I dig a little deeper, I learn that it’s often because they either don’t want to risk disappointment or that they’ve tried (and failed) in the past.
I’ve tried and failed at MANY things in the past, and in doing so I’ve learned a lot about what it actually takes to reach the goals I set. In fact, over the past few years I’ve invested thousands of dollars in the best goal-setting books, courses and coaches. Based on what I’ve learned, here are 5 reasons why you're haven't reached your goals in the past:

  1. You don't establish habits that will lead to your goals. Habit change is an art and a science. Willpower doesn't work. Motivation is fleeting. Your goals are a result of taking consistent action over time – building lasting habits is the key.

  2. You try to do too much, too fast. We should set big goals but take baby steps towards those goals. Unfortunately, the "all or nothing" mentality doesn't serve you when it comes to reaching your goals. The compound effect of small efforts taken over time yields big results.

  3. You don't believe in yourself. Your identity shapes your behaviors which determines our results. Change your identity, change your results. Knowing how to rewire your subconscious is key to changing your identity.

  4. Your environment doesn’t support your goals. Your environment is stronger than willpower. Putting yourself in the right community with the right people is the easiest way to leverage your goals.

  5. You try to go it alone. Again, without accountability you're making it 85% harder on yourself. Join the right community and you're stepping onto a moving train going where you want to go.

These strategies work. I used to “need” coffee every morning to get going and wine every night to wind down. I moved through my days exhausted, stressed out, and a little depressed. Sound familiar? Thanks to Body Wisdom, I now have healthy daily routines and solid self-care practices. I have steady, consistent energy, and I wake up feeling grateful and inspired.

Now I've made it my life's work to figure out why people stay stuck and what really works in creating serious breakthroughs in health and wellbeing. The result is Body Wisdom. Body Wisdom is a healthy lifestyle program that combines the wisdom of Ayurveda (yoga’s sister science) with modern behavioral science and group accountability. In Body Wisdom, we learn what works and what doesn’t and we discover the tools we need to create lasting change.

Body Wisdom is a year-long course during which you will learn tangible tools for building habits that stick so that you can finally reach the health goals that have been eluding you. But I’m simply the facilitator. The strength of Body Wisdom lies in its members. And this year, in addition to me, the “head coach,” you also get mentors – six incredible women who have completed a full year of Body Wisdom and are ready to provide their unique insight and expertise to help you get the most out of this program. Here’s what one of our mentors has to say about the course . . .

I was drawn to Body Wisdom because I wanted to wanted to dial into more new habits that would continue to help me become a better version of myself. A year before Body Wisdom, I had lost 30 pounds and was digging myself out of a deep slump after having my second son. Over a year's time, I Zumba'ed my way into shape, cleaned up my eating habits, then slowly took up a yoga practice. I was becoming a better version of my old self. Body Wisdom was exactly what I needed to cultivate even better habits, enabling me to feel even more fabulous than I thought I was already feeling! I'm sticking with Body Wisdom because we continue to learn and share new tactics together! We have the group support to keep the habits going, to troubleshoot fears, hesitations, habits that go awry, and cheer when we get into the groove with a habit! 

If you're serious about reaching your health goals this year, email me at mainstreetyogafmt@gmail.com or schedule a strategy session today. We kick off on January 16th, and we want to hit the ground running.

Let's make 2019 one for the books!