Creating Balance in the Subtle Body

What I love most about the teachers at MSY is their never-ending quest for knowledge. Each of them is constantly honing and deepening her craft through education and experience. In this week’s blog, I’m stepping back to let Jen Sunderlin tell you more about her newest certification, Chakra Therapeutics!

In the spirit of celebration, I’d like to announce my certification in Chakra Therapeutics with Alanna Kaivalya, Ph.D., (the Yoga Doctor). We are more than physical beings, we have so many energetic lines running through us, documenting every moment of our daily life, and our body carries around our story! These subtle channels of energy can express our past experiences, patterns, beliefs, traumas and relationship histories.

To express optimal health and wellbeing, we must consciously work with our inner truth in order to stimulate a healthy mind, body and spirit. When we are out of balance with our truth, the flow of energy can become restricted, often times manifesting into a physical ailment, soreness, or if left unattended, chronic pain. In a Chakra Therapeutics session, I take a deeper look with you to assist in identifying what experiences you have had, or are having, that may be causing uneasiness (dis-ease) within you. By consciously addressing our findings with a unique practice that resonates with you (yoga, chanting, daily activity changes, mantras, mudras, crystals, essential oils – there are many options to discuss!), I can assist you to become aligned with your truth. When we align with our highest self, we are a vibrant expression of our truest and best self!

We have many events in January where you (or your kids!) will have the opportunity to experience and connect to your Chakras.

The kids will have their own fun experience in Energy Explorers at 11:45am on Saturday the 12th! We will use unique movement, our imaginations, music and more exploring and bringing awareness to our energetic systems! The kids will learn about their subtle energies and more about the chakras in a playful and fun way! They can then incorporate the different expressive movements into daily life, having the tools engage with their energetic bodies! We will conclude this creative time together with a balancing exercise to “reel it all in” before they head back out into the world!

You will have a uniquely personal experience uniting with your energies at the Chakra Connection Workshop Saturday the 19th at 5:30pm! This will be an interactive exploration where you will learn the many different ways you can acquaint yourself with your Chakras and engage with them. We will talk about the many tools, yoga, essential oils, sounds, mudras, crystals and more. Then together we will relax into a guided meditation where we will deeply connect to each Chakra bringing our awareness to those that need your attention the most. You can then confidently work with those Chakras using the many outlets we discuss, the ones that resonate most with you.

To experience a deep relaxation and Chakra balancing, you can also schedule Reiki session. At our Reiki or AromaTouch Afternoon Special on Sunday the 13th, you can purchase a ticket and schedule a time! I am also available for private Reiki appointments, just connect with me to schedule your experience!

The end of the month brings the most wonderful opportunity to amplify your energetic system and learn about the Chakras in Illuminated Reiki 1 training! This healing and balancing modality is accessible to anyone and enhances your ability to work with your Chakras and other energetic channels, your mental, emotional and physical bodies! Reiki is an ancient technique and healing art that re-balances then energy field that exists around and within you. This training will focus on Self-Reiki, and after attuning you to the universal energy, we will learn about the chakras, the hand placements and techniques for Self-Reiki, meditation, and much more! How fantastic would that be to access the universal Reiki energy to balance and recharge at any time!

This month brings so many opportunities to connect with your Chakras and other subtle energies channels. If you are interested in a private Chakra Therapeutics session or Reiki appointment, contact me to schedule a time to create a map that will assist in exploring your inner truth. This new year, 2019, is going to be explosive with self-exploration and action! Select the experience that you are drawn to, and I’ll be there, exuberantly waiting for you! I wish you a Happy New Year, enjoy the experience of embracing your inner energy and expressing your true self!