A Special Open House

Main Street Yoga kicks off each month with our Relax & Recharge open house. May is no exception, and I’m so excited to announce that this month – in addition to reiki, AromaTouch, and tarot – we’re introducing a new therapy and a new practitioner: Marma Chikitsa with Aurora Taylor!

Aurora is a certified Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, yoga instructor, Kriya Yoga disciple, educator, and expert in self-care. After receiving a B.S. in Journalism from WVU, Aurora completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training in Nicaragua, then went on to complete

a 600-hour Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor certification from Asheville School of Yoga & Massage in North Carolina. Soon after finishing these programs she was initiated as a Kriya Yoga disciple by Roy Eugene Davis, a direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda, at the Center for Spiritual Awareness. Aurora has traveled the world and is back in Fairmont (at least for a time) to share her healing modalities with our community.

So what is Marma Chikitsa?

Marma Chikitsa is an ancient healing art used to correct imbalances utilizing vital energy points under the surface of the skin. Marma Therapy is the original point therapy system, making it the root knowledge that created Acupuncture and Acupressure. There are 107 Marma points throughout the body, which are referred to as the 107 doorways into the mind, body and consciousness. A treatment can cover all 107 points or can be tailored to one’s needs by focusing on current imbalances & areas of need.

In our bodies, the flow of energy (prana) can become disturbed due to improper diet, lifestyle, and/or physical and emotional trauma. When imbalances cause pranic stagnation, physical and mental discomfort can arise. Left untreated, this stagnation can blossom into disease. 

During a Marma treatment, the flow of energy (prana) throughout the subtle channels (nadis) is cleansed and restored by the use of light pressure, awareness, intention and essential oils.

Marma Therapy:

·      Promotes restful sleep and relaxation

·      Improves lymphatic system & physical stability

·      Balances all three doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha)

·      Strengthens organ systems and tissues

·      Regenerates tissues

·      Slows aging

·      Cleanses Ama (toxins)

·      Brings energy to areas of stagnation

·      Relieves pain, discomfort (physical, mental & emotional)

·      Nourishes the mind and body

·      Can deepen levels of awareness

·      Helps with imbalances within the organs

In short, the Ayurvedic practice of Marma Chikitsa promotes the healing of the body, mind and consciousness.

I hope you’ll join us this Friday, May 3rd for our monthly open house. Walk in any time between 5 and 7 pm. Jen, Suzy, Judy, Paula, and Aurora will be happy to help you Relax and Recharge! All services are donation-based and first-come/first-served.

See you at the studio!